Google Donates through Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Google and Raspberry Pi

Google Giving Fund, the charitable arm of Google will be donating with the assistance of Raspberry Pi Foundation. Google Executive chairman, Eric Schmidt and Pi inventor  Eben Upton were at  Chesterton Community College in Cambridge teaching the kids coding lessons when they announced that they will be giving  15000 Rasberry Pi Model Bs to students all over UK.

“We hope that our new partnership with Google will be a significant moment in the development of computing education in the UK,” said Upton.

“We believe that this can turn around the year on year decline in the numbers and skill sets of students applying to learn computer science at university.” Continue reading

Arduino and Raspberry Pi Performs Biometric and Medical Applications

Health sensor
The e-Health sensor Shield enables Arduino and Raspberry Pi designers  to conduct biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is required implementing nine unique sensors such as Pulse, Oxygen from the blood (SPO2), airflow (breathing), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG),glucometer, Galvanic skin response (GSR sweating), blood Pressure (sphygmomanometer) and patient movemnt (accelerometer). Continue reading

Raspberry PI – The accessible single board computer

What would you say about 25$ single board computer ? Now it has become a reality with Raspberry Pi, a low ARM GNU/Linux box.

It has a quite impressive set of features considering its price. It’s based on BCM2835 SoC which contains a 700 MHz ARM processor and a Videocore 4 GPU capable of HD video Continue reading