Print circuit boards with AgIC Print

If you’re passionate about electronics and you’re interested in printing your circuit boards in your own home, you can simply call on AgIC. It represents a cheap and fast way to print your circuits. AgIC, officially known as Ag Inkjet Circuit, will use your home printer to print the circuit board equipment you need. It does so by making use of conductive ink that includes very small silver particles that cannot be seen by the human eye. In just a few seconds the ink dries and you will have conductivity. You can use your personal printer, just that instead of ordinary ink, you will use the conductive ink. Continue reading

Amazing Toys – ATOMS

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you will most definitely love ATOMS. What are they? They represent a system of logic blocks, motors and sensors that can help you create wonderful things. They are not just simple blocks, but they can also do various things, which is pretty impressive. What’s even more amazing is that ATOMS can work with the toys your children already uses including action figures, LEGOs and even Barbies and stuffed animals. You don’t need any programming or electronics experience to use ATOMS. Moreover, they can be used by the kids themselves, as their components are not harmful. It takes only 5 minutes to build something interesting with the ATOMS. Continue reading

MOSS – Building Dynamic Robots

What does MOSS do? It helps you build robots. This is no joke. It includes magnetic and simple to use robot construction kits and it requires no complex configuration, no wires and no coding. It features various kits, starting from the basic builder kit to the advanced builder kit. It even includes combo kits and expansion packs for those who are really passionate about this domain. Continue reading