Shipping & Delivery

For small packages, we offer standard airmail as a good compromise between delivery time and cost. The delivery time for standard airmail is usually between 10 and 30 days.

For the United States and Canada we also offer e-Packet shipping, which is faster than standard airmail and it usually also costs less. The delivery time for packages shipped using the e-Packet service is between 6 and 12 days.

For bigger orders, we also offer DHL, which has an estimated delivery time between 5 and 10 working days.

The products are shipped from China using the shipping method chosen during the checkout process. The delivery time is an estimation and not a promise or commitment. The arrival time varies depending on your geographical location and other factors.

Depending on your local laws, you may have to pay import duties to your local customs. It is your responsibility to check any customs restrictions or duties before placing the order.

In most of the countries you do not have to pay any import duty for the low valued orders.

8 thoughts on “Shipping & Delivery

  1. Good afternoon, I just bought 7 EPM240′s, 7 USB blasters, 1 ATTINY85, and 1 Arduino Nano compatible board. I paid today (February 27, 2019), it was $116.69 USD (dollar), which is including the e-Packet shipping to California, USA. I wanted to know, will you provide me a ticket and/or tracking number for the shipping?. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi I bought 3x 2GT-20 pulleys costing a total of $1.50
    I paid $23 for express postage. Its been a week now and I have only received a PayPal receipt, no confirmation email, no tracking information. I’ve emailed you guys twice already for a response but nothing! so I’ve come to here, I guess the next step is a PayPal dispute if I don’t here back.

    • Hi Jonathan, I’ve emailed you the tracking information. SOrry for the late notice, the shipping department has done the shipment, only that there was a delay in informing you of the tracking number. The shipment is on its way to destination. Thank you

    • Hi, we sent you an email about the tracking information. The package has been shipped already. The courier website is experiencing problems and cannot provide tracking progress. We’ll ask the courier about the issue. Thank you

  3. 14L389397C4177715
    I would like to know my status of my order, I have only received a PayPal receipt, no confirmation email, no tracking information. It’s been 10 days since a place my order and i have no information

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