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Batteries and Accumulators Demystified


A battery is a device which stores chemical energy and which can convert it into electricity. There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (single use) and secondary batteries (rechargeable), also known as accumulators.

In this post, I will explain how to chose the right batteries for your projects and how to compute how long will that battery last. Continue reading

Ride the Raptor Arduino Unicycle

Raptor ArduinoInventor Nick Thatcher was once in a dilemma on what to build: a Segway or a self balancing unicycle ? He later decided to do both but the unicycle came later.

He named the unicycle “Raptor”  because it looks like the head of a dinosaur on the side-view and it’s made from common materials found around: a chain driven wheelbarrow wheel powered by a 350W geared motor with 9:1 reduction gearbox, a pair of 12V 7.2Ah batteries wired in series, some PVC and polycarbonate, an IMU gyro and an Arduino UNO. Continue reading

Pinoccio – A smaller and more powerful Arduino

Pinoccio - Arduino compatible board
If you love creating DIY Arduino circuits, make sure to check out the Pinoccio Arduino board which comes in a smaller package and has a lots of features.

With Arduino’s advantages such as simple programming and cheap materials, no wonder that new projects like Pinoccio are adding special features in order to improve the original design. Pinoccio is powered by a rechargeable battery and it features integrated temperature sensors, integrated MESH radio and WiFi connectivity through a WiFi shield. It can also be used to connect remotely with other Pinoccios, building an internet of things.

Although Pinoccio is just a few inches long and an inch wide, it is still as powerful as the Arduino Mega. This undertaking is campaigning to raise $60000 for this project at Indiegogo.

You can checkout their Indiegogo campaign here: