Print circuit boards with AgIC Print

If you’re passionate about electronics and you’re interested in printing your circuit boards in your own home, you can simply call on AgIC. It represents a cheap and fast way to print your circuits. AgIC, officially known as Ag Inkjet Circuit, will use your home printer to print the circuit board equipment you need. It does so by making use of conductive ink that includes very small silver particles that cannot be seen by the human eye. In just a few seconds the ink dries and you will have conductivity. You can use your personal printer, just that instead of ordinary ink, you will use the conductive ink. Continue reading

Is Project Tango Google’s Next Big Thing?

Google has recently announced Project Tango, a new smartphone initiative from their Advanced Technology and Projects group. Google has demonstrated the project with this Youtube video. The Project Tango prototype is capable of tracking motion in three dimensions. It is also able to create a map of the surrounding area. Google is working on development with companies like Bsquare, universities like ETH Zurich and George Washington University, and groups like the Open Source Robotics Foundation.

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New Hope for Epilepsy Sufferers

There are more than two million people in the United States alone with epilepsy, thirty percent (30%) of which do not have their seizures controlled in spite of anti-epileptic medications. An equal percentage suffer debilitating side effects from these drugs such as nausea and other stomach or gastrointestinal problems, impaired cognitive function, fatigue, and lack of coordination. Many in this group can find relief from surgery, but for the over five hundred thousand that cannot, but there is a new alternative. Continue reading

Amazing Toys – ATOMS

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you will most definitely love ATOMS. What are they? They represent a system of logic blocks, motors and sensors that can help you create wonderful things. They are not just simple blocks, but they can also do various things, which is pretty impressive. What’s even more amazing is that ATOMS can work with the toys your children already uses including action figures, LEGOs and even Barbies and stuffed animals. You don’t need any programming or electronics experience to use ATOMS. Moreover, they can be used by the kids themselves, as their components are not harmful. It takes only 5 minutes to build something interesting with the ATOMS. Continue reading

An Exciting Improvement of Cochlear Implants

A Hearing Device With No Stigmatizing External Hardware

Cochlear implants offer deaf people and others that are having hearing problems the ability to hear certain sound.  The device may be implanted through surgery to stimulate the cochlear nerves. For some people, hair cells activate these cochlear nerves to give them the ability to hear.  One of the typical drawbacks of the cochlear implant is the noticeable size of the transmitter, wire, and microphone.  This can lead to discomfort during the user’s daily routine, and unfortunately users may also face a social stigma.  A team of engineers and physicians may have a solution to those problems: a cochlear implant without external hardware. Continue reading