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Do you have a blog ? We’ve got a great deal for you. Just add us to the blogroll (link back to us) and then contact us to claim your FREE product*.

The item that you receive depends on the pagerank of your website:

  • if your site has pagerank 1, then you receive a FREE colored mini breadboard (you choose the color)
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  • if your site has pagerank 3, then you receive a FREE pair of nRF24L01 RF transceivers
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  • if your site has pagerank 5 or higher, you can choose any product from the above levels (mini breadboard or ultrasonic sensor, or RF transceivers, or HB100 sensor) and you also get a free tracking number

Here are the codes for the backlinks (choose the one that you like):

After inserting the link, please contact us to claim the free item (tell us where did you post the link and please include your name, shipping address and contact phone).

* You must own the site where the link is posted. The link must remain and not be removed after receiving the product.

** The promotion is limited to one per person and “nofollow” links are exempt from this offer.

*** The promotion is valid for a limited time period.

Batteries and Accumulators Demystified


A battery is a device which stores chemical energy and which can convert it into electricity. There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (single use) and secondary batteries (rechargeable), also known as accumulators.

In this post, I will explain how to chose the right batteries for your projects and how to compute how long will that battery last. Continue reading

Parallella – The pocket supercomputer


Recently, I’ve noticed a very interesting hardware project: Parallella, a low cost (99$ only!) pocket supercomputer packing a lots of computation power: it includes a Zynq chip (which contains a dual core ARM processor and an FPGA) and it also includes an Epiphany multicore chip.

It also features USB, Ethernet, HDMI and some GPIO pins, which make it like a kind of raspberry pi on steroids. Continue reading