MPU6500 Accelerometer and Gyroscope Module

MPU6500 Accelerometer and Gyroscope Module
This module is based on MPU6500 integrated circuit and it features a high performance triple axis accelerometer and gyro that is applicable to your projects.

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MPU-6500 is a 6-axis motion tracking module combining a 3-axis gyro sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer sensor and a DMP (Digital Motion ProcessorTM).

FIFO offers 4096-bit serial interface which reduces traffic and reduce consumption. I2C sensor dedicated MPU-6500 can accept input from other external I2C devices.

Gyroscope sensor has an adjustable range of ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000 to ± 2000 ° / sec and low noise to 0.01 dps / √Hz. The accelerometer is programmable and has a range of ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g and ± 16g. Both sensors were calibrated at the factory.


  • 3-axis MEMS gyroscope with 16-bit ADC and signal conditioning
  • 3-axis accelerometer MEMS with 16-bit ADC and signal conditioning
  • Digital Motion Processor
  • Communication: I2C and SPI
  • Auxiliarp I2C interface
  • self-test
  • clocking
  • Registry Data
  • FIFO
  • Switches
  • Digital output temperature sensor
  • Bias and LDO


  • MEMS 3-axis gyro in the face MPU-6500
  • Digital output for axes X-, Y- and Z- angular rate sensor with wide scalable by programmer ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000 to ± 2000 ° / sec and 16-bit ADC integrated
  • Programming digital low-pass filters
  • Current operation: 3.2 M
  • Factory Calibrated accelerometer
  • 3-axis MEMS accelerometer sensor in the image MPU-6500
  • Digital output for axes X-, Y- and Z- accelerometer with scalable range of ± 2g by the programmer, ± 4g, ± 8g and ± 16g integrated ADC and 16-bit
  • Current low-power mode: 6.37 μA @ 0.98 Hz, 17.75 μA @ 31.25 Hz
  • Programmable Switches
  • Interrupt Wake-on-motion

Face MPU-6500 also includes:

  • I2C Auxiliary for reading data from external sensors
  • Current operating 3.4m when the 6-axis motion are active
  • Power supply voltage (VDD): 1.8 V to 3.3 V
  • Reference voltage (VDDIO): 1.8 V to 3.3 V
  • Buffer bit FIFO 4096
  • Digital output temperature sensor
  • Filters gyroscope, accelerometer and temperature sensor programmable by the user.
  • Fast mode operates at 400KHz I2C for communication with all registry
  • 1 MHz serial interface SPI to communicate with all registry
  • 20 MHz serial interface SPI communicates to read sensors and interruptions
  • MEMS structure Hermetic
  • RoHS compliant