4 Channnel Bidirectional Level Translator

4 Channnel Bidirectional Level Translator
Two-channel bidirectional two-channel transducer used to convert two logical levels.

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This module is useful for communicating between 2 tracks that work at different logic voltages. For example, a sensor that works at 3.3 V and does not tolerate 5 V on logic pins, requires the use of this two-way level translator to communicate with an Arduino UNO-compatible development board.

This product has 4 individual channels, which means it is ideal for SPI communication protocols, I 2 C


  • Supply voltage LV: 1.4 V to 3.6 V;
  • Supply voltage HV: 1.65 V to 5.5 V;
  • Max. Current / channel: 50 mA;
  • Maximum LV / HV current: 100 mA;
  • Compatible communication protocols: SPI, I  2  C, UART;
  • Dimensions 16 mm x 16 mm;

Instructions for use:

1. Make the hardware connections.

On the PCB board the meaning of the pins (LV1-4, LV / HV, GND and HV1-4) is marked. On the LV side, the low-voltage product (LV = LOW VOLTAGE) is connected, and the HV-connected product connects the product at higher voltage (HV = HIGH VOLTAGE). 

To supply the transducer, you need to apply voltage to the HV pin and LV pin. Also, be sure to connect the GND pins to GND for each source.

Example of using the translator to communicate between an  Arduino Uno-compatible development board   and the   RC522 RFID module.