A Smart Aqua-garden for Creatively Inactive People

This aqua-garden was inspired by all those who love green spaces and animals but clueless about feeding or maintaining their plants or pets on time!

As more people settle in cities, they have fewer opportunities to embrace nature. Herb&Fish CONNECT brings nature to you, by combining plants and fish in a smart – stylish aqua farming system

The new Herb&Fish CONNECT version allows your smartphone to help you control and be in tuned to all the needs of your fishes and plants.

1. Wireless LED light control


All things need energy to grow and plants get their energy from light. Sometimes the physical conditions can be difficult to provide the necessary light to your plants.

Herb&Fish CONNECT is equipped with two LED modules that will help your plants and herbs grow and flourish. From your smartphone, you will be able to turn on/off the LED light and adjust the brightness in 4 distinct levels, giving your plants all the energy needed.

2. Schedule water pump control


Not only do humans need oxygen to breathe, fishes need oxygen too! Aerating your aquarium allows your fish to breathe properly which is essential for its good health. Water pumps serves to oxygenate the water and providing the air needed to breath and survive.

With Herb&Fish CONNECT you are able to turn on and off the water pump from your smartphone. You can also program the water pump to run on a set schedule.

3. Water temperature sensor  


Many species of fish are sensible & vulnerable to fluctuations in water temperatures. Herb&Fish CONNECT will constantly monitor the water temperature, making sure your fish is in stable environment.

4. Set friendly alerts  


So, if you’re interested to have this stylish and intelligent aqua-garden that will help you maintain and be constantly connected with your plant and pets, check out our Kickstarter campaign HERE!

Or if you are up for some DIY action, you could check out these additional accessories from Open Impulse to add a temperature sensor to your aquarium or a humidity sensor to your garden.

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