Yun Ethernet Shield for Arduino (LAN + WiFi)

Yun Ethernet Shield for Arduino (LAN + WiFi)
Yun Ethernet Shield is ideal for projects that require internet connection or additional storage.

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The Yun Ethernet Shield for Arduino is a very powerful development board for Arduino boards. This is ideal to solve the problem of connectivity and storage space. OpenSource Arduino Shield works with OpenWRT which is compatible with the Arduino IDE V1.5.4 or later. It requires 200 mA at maximum load, so it is powered by VIN pin of the Arduino, thereby providing protection from overheating.


  • Processor: 400MHz, MIPS 24
  • Flash memory: 16Mb
  • RAM: 64Mb
  • Voltage: 4.75 - 23V (VIN pin through the Arduino)
  • Connector 150M Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
  • external antenna
  • A USB port for USB or 3G connection deposit
  • A reset button
  • Compatible I / O Arduino 5V 3.3V or
  • Size: 70x53x24mm