Development Board Compatible with Leonardo R3(Arduino-Compatible)

Development Board Compatible with Leonardo R3(Arduino-Compatible)
This Leonadro R3 clone is useful for your first electronic projects that use microcontrollers.

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The product is a clone of the Arduino development board Leonardo R3, and compatible with, and with the same performance and specifications. This development board uses a microcontroller ATmega32u4 which is strong enough for your electronic projects.

For programming you do not need a special programmer for microcontroller since it includes a bootloader. This development board can be programmed only by connecting to a computer and uploading code of Arduino development environment.

With this product you can build your own automation to your homes, you can build robots or a variety of other projects.


  • Microcontroller: ATmega32u4
  • Operating Frequency: 16 MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 5 V
  • Power Supply: 7 V to 12 V
  • Number of I / O ports: 20
  • Number of analog input ports: 12 (out of 20 I / O)
  • Number of ports capable of generating PWM signal: 7 (out of 20 I / O)
  • Flash Memory: 32 KB (4 KB are busy bootloader)
  • SRAM: 2.5 kB
  • EEPROM memory: 1 kB