Arduino Nano based Microbot

final result
I recently discovered this interesting project which I’d like to share with you. Paul wrote this nice tutorial which shows you how to make your own Arduino Nano based Microbot. It’s quite easy to build and the project’s actually suited even for those just starting out in robotics. The supplies are pretty cheap and you’ll end up with something you could use for future projects.

The tutorial walks you through every step required for building it and has pictures which show the steps so it’s not hard to follow along. You could follow the steps exactly as  they are, but you can customize it anyway you’d like, of course. There are suggestions for customizing your new Microbot at the end of the tutorial!

Also, it’s easily programmable and small (it fits in the palm of your hand !). Perhaps you could make it even easier if you used a mini breadboard.

It seems to be a fun and simple project which you can try without too much hassle. I wish you good luck if you decide to try this project !

If you want to build one for yourself, you can read the complete instructions here:

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