TM1638 8 Digit LED Display with Buttons

TM1638 8 Digit LED Display with Buttons
8-digit LED display and 8 buttons, ideal for display and control. The module works with 8-bit image and TM1638 is very easy to use.

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This product is a 7-segment displays with 8-bit 8-digit, 8 buttons and 8 LEDs. It has 3-pin control, power and ground pin. Control pins are for strobe clock and date. Strobe and clock pins are output pins and pin data can be used for both output and input.

Strobe pin is used when you need to reference data plate, strobe pin is on LOW setting before you start sending data, one or more bits, and when sending over, strobe pin is set to HIGH. There is only one pin time, so the information can be sent bit by bit. Clock pin is used to reference every bit. Set the clock pin LOW, it sends a bit, then set the clock pin HIGH.

For operation with Arduino check this page and GitHub page for more examples.


  • Chip: TM1638
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Current:  0.24
  • Display: 7-segment 8-bit
  • Oscillator:  RC (450KHz + 5%)
  • Serial interface: CLK, STB, DIO
  • Schematically: