Thermistor Thermal Sensor Module

Thermistor Thermal Sensor Module
The thermistor temperature sensor module is highly sensitive to ambient temperature. It is commonly used to detect temperature of the surrounding environment.

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This module is suitable for applications that require temperature detection in the surrounding environment such as ambient temperature detection and temperature control sensor.

The temperature detection threshold is adjustable via potentiometer.

It uses the LM393 comparator chip which gives clean, stable digital signals and driving ability of 15 mA.

The DO output can be directly connected to the microcontroller, which gives high or low output, to determine temperature changes in the environment.

The DO output can directly drive a relay module with thermostat switch to control related equipment operating temperature such as cooling fan.


  • LM393 voltage comparator
  • Fix bolt holes for easy installation
  • Adjustable threshold via potentiometer


  • ¬†Operating Voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V
  • Output Current: 15 mA
  • Output Type
    • 5 analog voltage output
    • digital switching output
  • LED indicators
    • Power: red
    • Digital Output: green
  • PCB Size: 30 x 16 mm

Package Includes

  • Thermistor sensor module
  • 4P Dupont Cable (20cm)