GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor

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GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor
The optical dust sensor is very effective in detecting fine particles and it is commonly used in air quality monitoring systems.

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The GP2Y1010AU0F compact optical dust sensor is designed to detect fine particles like cigarette smoke and dust. This dust sensor comes with a 6-pin, 1.5 mm pitch mating connector and cable, 150 ohm resistor, and a 16 V 220 uF capacitor.


  • Max Consumption Current: 20 mA
  • Supply Voltage: 5 V to 7 V
  • Operating Temperature: -10° C to +65° C
  • Weight: 25 g

Package Includes

  • GP2Y1010AU0F Dust Sensor
  • 16 V, 220 uF capacitor
  • 150 ohm resistor
  • 6P cable