RTC + EEPROM + Temperature Sensor Module

RTC + EEPROM + Temperature Sensor Module
This is a three-in-one module that integrates the DS1307 real-time clock, the AT24C128 EEPROM and the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor.

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This module contains a real-time clock, an EEPROM and a temperature sensor module, making it ideal for weather monitoring applications.

The DS1307 real-time clock chip features 56 bytes of non-volatile RAM, full BCD code clock, and a calendar.

The AT242Cxx chip is an I2C EEPROM optimized for low power and small footprint applications.

The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor uses a single wire communication interface, which makes it easy to interface it with low pin count microcontrollers.


  • DS1307 I2C real-time clock chip
  • AT24C128 I2C EEPROM chip
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  • CR1220 battery holder
  • Supply voltage: 5 V DC
  • Important pins were routed to standard 2.54 mm headers for convenient use
  • PCB Size: 34.2 x 20 mm