MMA8452 Digital Accelerometer Module

MMA8452 Digital Accelerometer Module
The MMA8452 Digital Accelerometer Module is suitable for projects where you need to measure axle acceleration.

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This MMA8452 digital accelerometer module provides high precision at a very low current consumption of up to 165uA. It also provides I 2 C communication at frequencies up to 400kHz, the addresses being selectable according to the SA0 pin.

The product is suitable for your applications where you need to detect the inclination or by filtering the acceleration data. For example, you can detect the movement, shocks or space orientation of an object.


  • Module power supply voltage: 3 V to 5 V;
  • Current consumed: 6 uA - 165 uA, depending on operating mode;
  • Measures acceleration on the 3 axes with the following ranges:  ± 2g / ± 4g / ± 8g;
  • ODR from 1.56 Hz to 800 Hz;
  • 12-bit digital output;
  • Sensitivity: 1024 counts / g;
  • Communication I 2 C;
  • Automatic motion detection capability.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 20.5 mm.