Mini ST-Link v2 Emulator

Mini ST-Link v2 Emulator
Programmer compatible with ST-Link v2.

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This device is a fully compatible programmer with ST-Link v2. It supports the full range of STM32 SWD and STM8 SWIM microcontrollers.

This device is equipped with two indicator lights that prove functionality.

The input and output pins are protected, so you do not have to worry about errors caused by the programmer. Also, the programmer circuit is equipped with an internal fuse and can not affect the motherboard of the computer.


  • ST-LINK Utility 2.0 and newer;
  • STVD 4.2.1 and later;
  • STVP 3.2.3 and later;
  • IAR EWARM V6.20 and newer;
  • IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and later;
  • KEIL RVMDK V4.21 and later.