HX711 Instrumentation Module

HX711 Instrumentation Module
HX711 instrumentation module used to communicate with load cells.

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The HX711 integrated circuit module can be used to communicate with two load cells. Load cells are used to weigh objects both at industrial level and for smaller weights.

The module is a high-precision, 24-bit, and communicates with Arduino development boards on a two-wire protocol (clock thread and data thread). More information about the communication protocol can be found in the attached datasheet.

With two such products and 4 load cells you can build your own scales.


  • Supply voltage: 2.7 V to 5.5 V;
  • Current: 10 mA;
  • ADC resolution: 24 bit;
  • 2 channels;
  • Differential input.
  • Dimensions: 37 mm x 20.7 mm.