3 mm 940 nm Infrared LED (20 pcs set)

3 mm 940 nm Infrared LED (20 pcs set)
3 mm Infrared LED with 940 nm wavelength suitable for IR radiation.

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This infrared LED is very used in sensors or for an IR transmitting remote. The most used sensors you can build are line or obstacle sensors along with a phototransistor. 

This LED is strong enough to emit radiation that can be received up to 10 m away, depending on the receiver.


  • Diode LED diode: 3 mm;
  • Voltage drop: 1.2 V to 1.4 V;
  • Current: 5 mA - 15 mA;
  • IR radiation wavelength: 940 nm;
  • Pin length: 16 mm.