2272-M4 RF Remote Kit

2272-M4 RF Remote Kit
The 2272-M4 remote kit is widely used in applications like wireless remote switches, anti-thief alarm systems, garage door control and more.

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The remote control contains four buttons which correspond to the four data bits on the receiving board output pins D0, D1, D2, and D3. The receiver module features a wide frequency bandwidth of ±10 MHz and 5 VDC power supply.


  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating Current: 10 mA @12 V
  • Power: 10 mW @ 12 V
  • Modulation Mode: ASK (AM)
  • Transmitting Frequency: 315 MHz
  • Transmitting Range: 120 m to 150 m

Pin Name Description:

  1. VT output status indication
  2. D3 Data output
  3. D2 Data output
  4. D1 Data output
  5. D0 Data output
  6. 5 V power supply positive
  7. GND  power supply negative
  8. ANT terminal connected to the antenna