12 A Low Ripple Adjustable Step-Down DC-DC Converter

12 A Low Ripple Adjustable Step-Down DC-DC Converter
This is an adjustable voltage source DC-DC buck 12 A with low ripple which is useful for your projects.

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This product is a step-down voltage source with medium power which can provide tensions between 1.25 V and 30 V, starting from 4.5 V voltage to 30 V.

It uses high quality capacitors and has a low output ripple, making it suitable for precision applications. With this circuit you can build your own lab controllable voltage source. All you need is a source of fixed voltage at 30 V DC maximum. 

The only condition is to bear the amperage required. You can also include this module in any project of yours because it is very small and easy to mount.


  • Input Voltage: 4.5 V to 30 V
  • Output Voltage: 1.25 V to 30 V
  • Maximum Output Current: 12 A
  • Normal Output Power: 100 W
  • Output power with improved dissipation: 200 W
  • Operating Frequency: 300 kHz
  • Efficiency: up to 95%
  • Low Ripple
  • Short Circuit and Over-temperature Protection
  • Dimensions: 60 x 51 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 76 g