Tube Laser Diode Module

Tube Laser Diode Module
This is a 650 nm tube laser diode module which is a very efficient tool for your projects that require laser applications.

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This module along with laser radiation sensor and Arduino development board, you can create your own laser harp for your project.

This laser diode module is ideal for applications such as intrusion detection, laser projectors, optic listeners and optical wireless communications.


  • Model: HLM1230
  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 V to 4.5 V
  • Power: 5 mW (max)
  • Wavelength: 645 nm to 655 nm
  • Maximum Current: 25 mA
  • Operating Temperature: -10˚ C to 50˚ C
  • Dimensions: 30 mm x 12 mm


Warning! Laser is not a toy and should not be pointed towards people. It can cause eye damage.