LSM303DLH 3-axis Acceleration Module

LSM303DLH 3-axis Acceleration Module
This module features LSM303DLH chip accelerometer, magnetometer, A/D converters and signal conditioning circuit.

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The LSM303DLH triple axis accelerometer and compass module is a low cost and a high performance electronic compass.

LSM303DLH chip accelerometer, magnetometer, A / D converters and signal conditioning circuit integrated, still through the I2C bus and processor communication.

It can operate in low power mode and thus can greatly reduce power consumption. It is ideal for sensing the presence of earth’s magnetic field and locating magnetic north pole. Communication is through IIC communication protocol.


  • LSM303DLH triaxial magnetic field + triaxial acceleration sensor
  • Operating Voltage: 3 V to 5 V
  • Communication: Standard I2C