Reflective Infrared Sensor Module

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Reflective Infrared Sensor Module
This highly sensitive sensor module features an infrared sensing probe which is suitable for smart car tracking, liquid level measurement and more. It also have a LM393 voltage comparator chip and infrared emitter and receiver pair.

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This reflective infrared sensor module is a highly sensitive sensor with digital output that can be directly connected to the microcontroller. It has signal output indicator that can be connected directly to the microcontroller.

This module is suitable for line following robots, smart car tracking, liquid level measurement, motor speed encoders and more.


  • On-board LM393 voltage comparator chip and infrared sensing probe
  • Supports 5V/3.3V voltage input
  • Digital output
  • On-board signal output indicator
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • PCB Size: 30 x 15 mm