2pcs 12 Segment Ledbar (4 Red, 8 Green)

2pcs 12 Segment Ledbar (4 Red, 8 Green)
This 12 segment Ledbar (4 Red, 8 Green) is useful to highlight the magnitude of a certain physical quantities or display the binary representation of numbers.

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The product is a LED bar with 12 elements, two colors so 4 red LEDs, and 8 green. To function properly, each LED needs a voltage drop him 1.8 V to 2.2 V and a maximum current of 20 mA, recommended is 15 to 18 mA. The dimensions of the module are 7 x 58 mm.

This mode is useful to show the level / amplitude certain physical quantities such as temperature, voltage, or to show the values ​​of binary numbers.