ADS1118 ADC Module

ADS1118 ADC Module
This analog-digital converter (ADC) ADS1118 is the smallest 16-bit Δ-Σ analog-digital converter which can be easily added to your projects, providing support for I2C communication.

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This module is the smallest 16-bit  Δ-Σ analog-digital converter (as announced by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) with lowest power that supports built-in internal reference and can provide 16-bit precision up to 860 samples/second via I2C.

 It has programmable gain amplifiers (PGA), reference voltage, temperature sensors and 4-nput multiplexers. At temperature range of 0°C to 65°C, ADS1118 can ensure the realization of the direct linear measurement of less than 0.5°C uncalibrated error, a sharp rise of 75% as compared to the performance of competing solutions.


  • K-type thermocouple temperature measurement
  • Accuracy: <1 ° C
  • High accuracy / repeatability at 0.2 ° C
  • with cold junction/end compensation
  • with software algorithms
  • utilize the ADS1118 16-Bit ADC (with PGA)

For more details check the attached datasheet or example for use with Arduino.